ARLECT Retreat 2: July 22-26, 2023

Agro-ecological Right Livelihood Educational & Cultural Travel Retreat  

- organised by the Institute of Regenerative Livelihoods (IRL) in collaboration with partners -

ARLECT is a structured immersive and inclusive travel program, open to all who are interested in hands-on, guided cultural-educational exploration into:

(I) Agro-Ecology, (II) Right Livelihood, (III) Ethical Business, and (IV) Community Building.

The program constitutes a practical in-person educational retreat, complementing the flagship online offering of the IGE-PEARL course. It empowers participants to bring home practical knowledge through meaningful relationships and guide their Right Livelihood journey towards establishing a Vocational Society for their families, communities and wider society in reviving the lost Islamic Science of Community Building. 

ARLECT is organised in collaboration with partners and individuals.

Prices and packages are available below.

The ARLECT 2, 2023 Roadtrip & Retreat, Kedah & Penang, Malaysia is a slow-travel program, priced at 600 USD per participant (adult / children 10yrs+). 

The programme price pays for the following:

- A 5-day curated excursion & retreat into Kedah & Penang, Malaysia, with air-conditioned road transport.

- 6 site visits, 4 hands on workshops, 10 presentations, discussions & talk sessions.

- Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, tea-breaks & 1 BBQ dinner & 1 farewell lunch.

- 3 nights of accommodation at Sri Lovely Farm, Kedah (or nearby hotel for additional $100 USD).

- 1 night hotel accommodation in George Town, Penang.

- Wholesome and mostly locally sourced meals.

- Opportunities for informal, one-on-one consultations/discussions with retreat teachers & facilitators.

- A 20% discount voucher for future 2023 IGE-PEARL Courses & Workshops, redeemable for up to 2 courses or workshops per person (both online & in-person).


As noted in the program booklet, please fill in the form below or email us directly at to confirm:

1. The full names of all the participants in your group, 

2. Whether you will be opting for the alternative accommodation option, and

3. From where you will be arriving to SRI Lovely Farm, and whether you will require any assistance regarding that travel from us.