The Islamic Gift Economy & The Book of the Properties of Earning and Living

The great reviver of Islam, Imam Abu Hamid Al Ghazali (d. 1111) wrote his Magnum Opus, "Ihya Ulum ud-Deen" or 'Revival of the Sciences of the Deen', in 40 sections. To translate Ulum ud-Deen as Religious Sciences may be inaccurate in a world where religion connotes personal worship and spirituality, but excludes earning a living, socioeconomy, governance, sustenance and tending the earth - all of which are sacred acts of the Deen

Section 13 of the Ihya titled Kitab Adab al-Kasb wal-Ma'ash (The Book of the Properties of Earning and Living), delves into numerous topics including justice, magnanimity, contracts, teansactions, and among others, ihsan.

In the following 9 videos filmed by Al Maqasid, USA, Sh. Yahya Rhodus, Ust. Amjad Tarsin, Ust. Yusuf Weltch and Ust. Rhamis Kent provide commentary on this wonderful text in the context of the Islamic Gift Economy. 

The book translation is also available for purchase here.

Session 3: The Fiqh of Transactions

Session 4: The Islamic Gift Economy (1)

Sessions 5: The Islamic Gift Economy (2)

Session 6: Justice (AdI) in Transactions

Session 7: Excellence (Ihsan) in Transactions

Session 9: Closing Session - Q&A