Our Team

The IGE-PEARL initiative grew out of an intensive year-long (2019-20) series of discussions on the notion of Regenerative Livelihoods between Mr Rhamis Kent, Dr Adi Setia and Mrs Atika Akram, culminating to formally launch the program to promote the Islamic Gift Economy (IGE) and Social Permaculture to a global audience through well-structured educational courses and training workshops, while offering general and technical advisory and consultancy services.

Dr. Adi Setia


From 2014-2016 Dr. ʿAdī Setia taught Islamic Science, History & Philosophy of Science, and Islamic Economics at the postgraduate Center for Advanced Studies on Islam, Science & Civilization (CASIS), Malaysia (https://www.utm.my/casis).

He was previously a postgraduate student and then a Research Fellow at ISTAC, Malaysia, receiving his MA and PhD in the field of Islamic Science there under the overall guidance of Professor Dr. Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas. He has also studied for some years at traditional Malay-Islamic madrasahs in Kedah, Kelantan and Patani.

His current research interests are mainly in History and Philosophy of Science, Islamic Science, Islamic Gift Economy (IGE), and Islamization of Knowledge, systemically pursued according to the integrative conceptual framework of Professor al-Attas. His papers in these areas are mostly published in the Canadian Journal of Islamic Sciences - https://www.cis-ca.org/islamscience1.php.

He holds a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC, taught by Mustafa Bakir of the Permaculture Research Institute of Turkey), and is actively engaged in various community-rooted initiatives among Muslims and non-Muslims in Malaysia and elsewhere relating to Permaculture, Agro-Ecology, Human Rights, Right Livelihood and the Gift Economy. He is a life member of the Malaysian Agroecological Society https://www.sri-mas.com, and most recently, in 2019, he helped found the Natural Farming Association of Malaysia (NFAM, https://naturalfarmingassociationmalaysia.business.site, and is currently its elected Vice Chairman.

He is also a founding director of IGE Advisory https://www.islamicgifteconomy.org, which is dedicated to consulting, teaching and researching in the Islamic Gift Economy framework. Most recently, he co-founded the Program for Ethical & Appropriate Regenerative Livelihoods (PEARL) in partnership with Mr. Rhamis Kent and Mrs. Atika Akram, with a vision to formally establish the Institute for Regenerative Livelihoods (IRL) in mid 2022, āmīn!

Mr. Rhamis Kent


Mr. Rhamis Kent, founder and director of ANTS Regenerate (https://antsregenerate.com), is a consultant with formal training in mechanical engineering (University of Delaware, B.S.M.E. '95) and permaculture-based regenerative whole systems design, serving as a registered certified PermacultureDesign instructor with the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI) of Australia.

He also serves as a co-director of the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI), a member of Permaculture Sustainable Consulting Pty Ltd (PSC), and on the Supervisory Board of the Netherlands-registered, non-profit Ecosystem Restoration Camps available on https://www.ecosystemrestorationcamps.org/foundation.

Mr. Rhamis has taught Permaculture Design (formal Certification and short Intensive courses) in Palestine/Occupied West Bank, Greece, Ethiopia, Yemen, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, Spain, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Australia, and the United States (Michigan, California & Vermont).

He has also performed additional consultancy work on projects in Spain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Somaliland, and Western Sahara.

Most recently, he co-founded and launched the Program for Ethical & Appropriate Regenerative Livelihoods (PEARL) in partnership with Dr. Adi Setia and Mrs. Atika Akram, with a vision to formally establish the Institute for Regenerative Livelihoods (IRL) sometime in mid 2022, āmīn!